Friday, January 27, 2006


I always love feedback...and criticism is welcome, of course, so long as its more substantial than "i dont like".
M Keiser plays his well-loved piano.

I have finally made a recording this week, i did it earlier but didnt get it up on the web till now. Its a short improvisation, a little severe maybe, but still, very tonal and nothing avant-garde. If the piano sounds strange that'd be because its my very well-loved electric one i keep here in the dorm (all 88 keys with hammers!) . I hope i dont annoy my roommate too much with my noises . also... i used headphones with the volume turned up, placed next to the mic, so i couldnt really hear what i was doing so well. Also, i had to make sure the mic was on for the first sec so thats why im holding down the a for 5 seconds or so.

This, again, is not my best work, i could do better. Its just fun to do this, especially since its been so long that my actual mode of improvisation has changed. Also - i just recently (this week) found my old mic, so i figure i gotta put it to good use. There may be more of these posts, but if they get to be annoying just throw me a word and i'll stop.

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And of course its mozarts B day, so i gotta say that. Other blogs have covered this ground many times already, but yes, we all love you wolfie, you've always been one of my favorites.

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