Monday, January 30, 2006


no comments... no responses... cant ever be a good sign. Well, for whatever crimes against the art i've committed... i apologize.

I was checking out some Sibelius recently- the incidental music to The Tempest, which, incidentally, im reading. Its great stuff -as all of sibelius' late work is. If i took a few passages from this piece you wouldnt know if you were listening to Britten or Prokofiev. This music constructs an atmosphere: moody, intense (often quite dissonant), surreal and perfectly fitting to a production of this very difficult play (which is, fittingly, atmospheric, moody, intense and surreal). This is inspired music, lyrical and expressive- full of ideas and interest. The music looks forward- not a concept commonly attached to Sibelius, but its true of his last pieces, which i believe are transcendent in a non-spiritual way- but they are in their own musical world.

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here!"


rgable said...

Although my listening queue is quite long right now, your post reminds me I haven't heard any Sibelius in awhile, which is a problem.

Robert Gabl

Bryant Manning said...

Keep playing and improvising; you're obviously a talent. I hope you're in music school to cultivate your skills, or atleast constantly around musicians.

Don't let the no comments thing bother you. Nobody comments on my blog anymore, and I think my writing has just now hit a stride. I've also started a classical music program at a hip hop/rock station and no classical bloggers have even given me a shout out. That's okay though, and I don't want to sound pitiful.

Inevitably, I think, nobody gives a shit.

Bryant Manning said...

In response:

If you posted crap, as you say M. Keiser, I wouldn't visit your blog daily. You've introduced me to a ton of stuff.

Peace dude.

Anonymous said...


You worry too much