Thursday, August 25, 2005

Leopold Mozart to his son:

"I recommend you to think when at work not only of the musical but also of the unmusical public. You know that for every ten true connoisseurs there are a hundred ignoramuses! Do not neglect the so-called popular,which tickles long ears. "

Wise words. It was true in the concert halls in the 1780s and its still true today. Consequently Wolfy wrote music that would appeal to the popular tastes of his time yet still appeal to the musical public. It goes without saying that this is a very difficult task, and one that is in greater need today than ever before.

I worry that "classical" musicians and composers forget their own obscurity. If one keeps themselves occupied only with fellow musicians and cognoscenti one can easily forget, ignore, and hide away from the general public's apathy. Even John Adams and Phillip Glass, celebrities in the contemporary classical music world, are unknown by the general public, and even by many classical students.

Leopold Mozart's statements are just as relevent as they were then, yet they are 220 + years old. ...Sigh... Some things dont change.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The first post

Alright, I might as well set up another blog, and this one, I figure, I'll use. The purpose of this blog is simple- its my opinions and thoughts on music and the arts.

I hail from suburbia. Like so many americans, I grew up here, and live here for the time being. The suburban atmosphere leaves me with the impression of being a cultural outsider, both at home and in the city. But dont be fooled, I am just a student with interests in argumentation, music, architecture and art. I love to express myself and my opinions, in that hope that someone will listen, and that leads me to this blog- where apathy, incoherance and exhuberance mix freely.