Monday, August 27, 2007

i have to get minor toe sugery today. Stupid big toe and its problems.

Currently listening to Glass. I figured out how to open two winamps at once and thought it'd be fun to make a recording of me playing music in 12 parts at the same time. Like tape looping, except with winamp, and no loops are involved, just me sliding the music around as i feel fit. Its fun.... More on that craziness later.
Also, my 30 some second frucked up version of music in a similar motion. and some random improv.

To be honest, the etude below is a little too adams-y for my tastes, a little too old-fashoned. Also, sorry for all the mistakes in the recording.

Oh well.

Etude For Octaves


New animal Collective-

Currently in Vegas. Enjoying myself.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

In the bay area...

Currently just north of San Jose. Staying with family. Visited San Francisco again today, did a few of those tourist things, it was lovely. Nice day, not too cool either, sunny. Reading Vonnegut, and thinking about relocating to the bay area. I should ask Mr. Gable about it. I wouldnt mind living in a tiny little studio. My sister just moved into a studio in downtown seattle. She looks out over skyscapers, im envious. Then again, here in san fran, the financial district here is not somewhere i'd really want to live. I would prefer somewhere a little towards the west, in one of those beautiful old neighborhoods where everything seems lovely. Im too idealistic. But i guess thats what happens when you grow up feeling stranded in the suburbs.

In two days im going to Barstow. Not on some harry Partch homage trip, just a stop to sit in a pool and see death valley the following day. Im taking it easy here, no 12 hour drives for me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I had a dream recently in which i was listening to a recording of a compostion i had writtten (which exists only in the dream) And then, as often happens in dreams i was magically and inexplicably transported back to an actual performance of my piece, watching the musicians do their thing. It was such a satisfying feeling. As i remember it, the music was very much like Cages variations I (as performed by Patricia Kopatchinskaja.) In my version it was all the same except the trio of violin,piano,singer/vocalist was all amplified. The piano part was pure...well, me: decending appeggios of minor sevenths and open fifths with a tinge of dissonance and post-minimalist mannerisms, but the vocal/spoken parts were pure cage.

Speaking of cage, my friend recently had on some prepared piano pieces by Aphex Twin. I had never heard them, but they were preeeetty nice. I need to get myself a copy.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Animal Collective - Did you see the Words

So i figure i should streamline my links, just a little, since im linking to a number of sites for which the motivation was "maybe i'll visit them if i link to them" But in reality I gathered up a collection of links that hold little interest to me. I could go and talk shit now about some of the sites ive linked to, and how i regret the fact that their site once interested me (and no, im not talking about northwest palms and subtropicals, they're most definitely staying) But that wouldnt be very nice. would it?

And in addition Im just talked out about a lot of classical music, or at least that music in the general repertoire . I said what i had built up over my teenage years, my feeling and comments about composers and their music, ideas i was unable to communicate to anyone, and today i dont see myself adding anything too significant to a discussion on Brahms' sublime 4th symphony- for example.

But this page still remains my little link-repository. When im bored i go back here to check out what other sites have to say, But should i come up to that moral crisis of whether or not to privlege certain sites or not- and what a banal moral criss that is