Sunday, August 12, 2007

I had a dream recently in which i was listening to a recording of a compostion i had writtten (which exists only in the dream) And then, as often happens in dreams i was magically and inexplicably transported back to an actual performance of my piece, watching the musicians do their thing. It was such a satisfying feeling. As i remember it, the music was very much like Cages variations I (as performed by Patricia Kopatchinskaja.) In my version it was all the same except the trio of violin,piano,singer/vocalist was all amplified. The piano part was pure...well, me: decending appeggios of minor sevenths and open fifths with a tinge of dissonance and post-minimalist mannerisms, but the vocal/spoken parts were pure cage.

Speaking of cage, my friend recently had on some prepared piano pieces by Aphex Twin. I had never heard them, but they were preeeetty nice. I need to get myself a copy.

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John Mackey said...

The big question, since this was a piece that only existed in the dream, is whether or not you were able to recall the piece clearly enough to write it down after you woke up. I think I write my best music in dreams, but I can never remember a note of it. I also often think of great stuff in the moment right before I fall asleep, but then it's gone.