Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Animal Collective - Did you see the Words

So i figure i should streamline my links, just a little, since im linking to a number of sites for which the motivation was "maybe i'll visit them if i link to them" But in reality I gathered up a collection of links that hold little interest to me. I could go and talk shit now about some of the sites ive linked to, and how i regret the fact that their site once interested me (and no, im not talking about northwest palms and subtropicals, they're most definitely staying) But that wouldnt be very nice. would it?

And in addition Im just talked out about a lot of classical music, or at least that music in the general repertoire . I said what i had built up over my teenage years, my feeling and comments about composers and their music, ideas i was unable to communicate to anyone, and today i dont see myself adding anything too significant to a discussion on Brahms' sublime 4th symphony- for example.

But this page still remains my little link-repository. When im bored i go back here to check out what other sites have to say, But should i come up to that moral crisis of whether or not to privlege certain sites or not- and what a banal moral criss that is

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