Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Bah! ...enough seriousness." In the wise words of my friend Noelle. I was reluctant to post the previous entry because i realized that if a reader is not in the mindset for it, in the emotional standing, those words i wrote probably sound cheap and pathetic. What i was attempting to express isn’t, of course, i just suck at writing, so it can only come out that way. How can someone write about tragedy without sounding pathetic or cliché? Like in music, the ability to express that in particular will impress me to no end.

- - - -

Skimming through my music i have hit up0n my favorite work by the bat-shit crazy Scriabin. Fragilité is an aptly named miniature masterpiece of late-romantic chromatically extended tonality . "its almost pretty" a friend of mine said about it. Indeed, its gorgeous, but half of its beauty lies in its ability to actually be what it expresses. This is fragile harmony, stretched so thin over chromatic framework that its about to fall apart, you can feel its weakness - the tonality is about to break but it never does. This brittle tonality manifests itself in the emotional effect of the piece. Im certainly impressed.

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