Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Im in love

...with the Bulgarian Women's choir. They performed a stirring sephardic lamenta that made me want to cry. This music is achingly beautiful, the choir produces warm and ethereal sounds that can cover all shades of emotion...and few things please M. Keiser more than traditional Jewish music- so all in all, this combination makes me very very happy.

I love it! so much beautiful and tuneful music to listen to, full of yearning, full of life and vigor and exuberance, music that seems to have floating into existence from another world, yet it feels very natural. These sounds gives me the desire to travel to Bulgaria... or the middle east? or Greece? or other slavic nations? certainly all of the above.

There is also something... avant-garde(?) about these sounds, voices used to create strong rhythms out of abstracted language, sudden changes in rhythms, there are moments of sprechstimme-like sounds along side cheerful yelps and cries, and there are those gorgeous, lush harmonies. My father was puzzled, pleasantly so, when i showed him this music, and keep in mind- my father is very conservative and does not generally take kindly to kinds of music he's unfamiliar with (then again the slavic aspect may have pleased him, he knows russia very well)

I know what i want for my birthday. take a listen to the clips at the amazon site.

apologies for the previous post. I wouldn’t have written it if the program hadnt said i looked like Puccini ( yay for double negatives)

Also- im back at college, so you know what that means... more drin.... i mean, less time to make posts (har har har). But im good at procrastinating, so we shall see.


patty said...

Gee, why apologize for the earlier post? I didn't see anything wrong with it, and looking like Puccini is pretty fun! Besides, I "started" it and if you apologize that probably means I'd better apologize. And ... well ... I don't wanna! ;-)

I have a CD of this choir you write about. They are fantastic, aren't they?

moondial said...

I have Vol 1 of this series -- wonderful.

On a slightly different note, Kate Bush made an album which fully incorporated a Bulgarian female choir, titled "The Sensual World" (1989). I don't know if you ever listen to Kate, and the reputations of this particular album varies among her fans and critics favourable to her, but if you can find a Kate fan around you, I'd recommend you to borrow the CD from him/her.