Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Our darkening world.

I have been floating around- from one site to the next. In the process i have wandered upon some sites of my interest.

Contrary Motion - A site run by a music student in New York. Some good thoughts in there and i should like to add it to my list.
Felsenmusick - "The Web Log of a Certain Daniel Felsenfeld: Composer, critic, avid reader..." i can just let him write for me. Added bonus, this guy lives in Brooklyn. woot woot*
Music and Cats - Im not fond of cats, but the writing is about everything else im interested in- architecture, music, food, etc. Added bonus: they live on Queen Anne hill.
Botanizing - I always loved botany and biology. Fascinating stuff- and even if those two sciences arnt your thing, the owner of this blog, Larry Hufford writes on a diverse number of topics. The category "our darkening world" is a compilation of monstrously depressing posts about scientific illiteracy in America, as enlightening as frightening.

Now i come to the question- all these links im posting, are they detracting from themselves by their sheer volume? - i have no choice but to add these new ones to my list... and its true that my list of links is already long. too long? should i stop adding links? Its a tricky thing.
Maddox, that famous internet asshole, actually wrote a very good bit about blogs. "more links than anyone with a job or semblance of a social life has time to click on" Well, my friends don’t even kn0w i have a blog, im that sneaky/bad at it. But Maddox's insult-jokes have a base in legitimate criticism. How many links are too much? the ever wise Maddox says- "its not necessary to link to every site on the fucking internet, asshole"


I could continue to build categories to try and fit people's sites into them, i could imitate others and create a separate page just for links. I could do a number of things to try and rationalize my ever-expanding collection of links. Maybe i should cut out every blog that doesn’t link back to this site? Or maybe self-control is the only answer. Bad M. Keiser, Bad.

* again, i disgrace myself and the entire borough of Brooklyn.

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