Sunday, December 11, 2005

I have an audioclip!

So now you can listen to me bang away on my well-loved piano at home in a little piece i like to call Improvisation based on a simple decending triadic phrase.

Not very clever, but what can i say, it an honest title.

So its not of the best quality, and its certainly not my best improvisation- its longwinded, bombastic, lisztonian and far too traditional for my tastes, but its a year old and it was fun to play. thats all. So i enjoyed myself, i hope it doesnt cause much suffering on your end. I chose this file only because its one of the few files i have of my piano playing.

woo! this is fun! i might have to post more of these things. I am able to do this thanks (a big thanks) to

Criticism is welcome, as always. I know my playing can be sloppy, but its an improvisation, thats my excuse this time. ha.


Bryant Manning said...

Sounds like Alkan, dude. You got some pianistic skills! Now go commit something to paper.

MikeZ said...

Not bad!!! It is in fact musical, and I wasn't moved (like sometimes) to click the little X before it was done.

Speaking of Liszt, I'd say you're ready for some of the Sonatas - if you haven't already got them down.

MikeZ said...

I just got to the end of the improvisation. Did you have to re-tune the piano ... ?

It sounded good (a little tinny, but that's probably just from the miking).

Could you play it again in E-flat? ....

M. Keiser said...

the ending was terrible, as was the begining. The piano is used to my beatings, im sure its fine.

e flat? transposition is not a skill i've worked on that much, so i can do it... of course, it just takes time. why e flat?

I have played the first few pages of the Liszt Sonata in B minor, but i never intended to finish it- far too much work for my lazy self.

Personally, Liszt has never presented a technical challenge that cant solved by simple drills.

Thanks for the kind words and comments!