Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The last tw0 days i've just been listening to Iridian Radio on the live 365 site. The adverts are annoying, banal, but it cant be worse than the radio, which plays nothing these days but re-hashed christmas carols and second-rate 18th-century music. Honestly, this is the exact thing i've wanted for a long time- some opportunity to hear more contemporary music, and this station is perfect, as contemporary music is all they play. I had never heard the other John Adams' work (J. Luther Adams) and im really impressed by what i've heard. Thank you again, moondial!

And i'd also like to thank villanefille for her very kind email. je l'appr├ęcie!

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moondial said...

Re: adverts, they are annoying indeed. I believed that Live365 ads come up only in between the music being played (and apparently this was the case in all the Live365 streams that I would listen to), but on Iridian Radio they appear in the middle of a tunea and ruin almost everything....

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the stream!