Wednesday, November 16, 2005

this mad blog-share buisiness

Thats me!

Have any of you ever heard of this thing before? Its rather strange, theres stock in this lil' blog o' mine. I've been operating it since late august and its all ready "worth"... uh... $1,921.98
What crazy equations they're using to evaluate the price of this place i dont know. You can "buy" a stock of my blog for around $15, and some nice person, who's japanese, already owns 80% of my stock. Oh yes, they too have a blog poetically titled night rain in winter. I like it already, but its unfortunately written in japanese.

Since i know practically no japanese, im at a loss- but it looks like it'd be good! Should i add it to my linkses? im not sure, i mean, i barely know anything about it, and i dont speak japanese. Part of the purpose of my links are so I can navigate to different music blogs of my interest (so i dont have to keep a ginormous list of blogs on my favorites list) What do you think?

I have been feeling rather lonely recently. No comments? i feel like Lynn from A Sweet, Familiar dissonance did recently (i cant find the particular post on her site, otherwise i'd link directly to that post) Either way, it seems like im alone again (my stock even went down recently!)

But Lynn also linked to another interesting money + blog website (again, fictitious) How much is my blog worth?

Mine? $5,645.40.

Somehow it comes up with that calculation very quickly. I cant possibly see how it's worth that much, but hey, i'll take it.

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