Saturday, November 26, 2005


Recently, at an upper-end restaurant in a rather yuppie area, i experienced ageism.

My friends and I were treated poorly for no reason other than our age. The service was terrible, the food was bland and overpriced, and the waiters and waitresses seemed to want nothing to do with us, so it took forever simply to get bread and vinegar, to get our food and to get a properly composed check. Meanwhile, the waiters were paying lavish attention (and friendlier service) to tables of 30-somethings that were next to us. We may be somewhat poor college students, but there is no reason why we should be treated as less important by the staff of this restaurant.

There were five of us, and none of us were rowdy or loud, none of us demanding or rude, and by the end we all felt discriminated against. I felt it necessary to write a little note explaining why we gave them a $1.10 tip for a nearly $70 meal. In hindsight i might have come of a little harsh, but how else would they learn from their mistakes?

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