Thursday, November 24, 2005

Everybody's doing it!

At the Fredösphere, there is a post which clearly evaluates the artistic merit of various composers. "A concise history of Western music", thats the preface. Lynn, at A Sweet, Familiar Dissonance, made her contrabution. (*which expanded the language in this particular idiom)

Im sorry, i really cant resist. so here i g0:

Handel - Mostly Yawn, has good moments.
Telemann- sucks
Vivaldi - mostly Yawn, has good moments
Bach- (in agreement with Lynn) indescribably awesome
Johann Josef Fux - ???
Haydn -Mildly annoying, has good parts.
Mozart - very cool
Beethoven - indescribably awesome
Schubert - cool
Mendelssohn - cool
Berlioz - cool-ish
Chopin - very cool
Schumann - cool. Sometimes yawn
Brahms - usually yawn, sometimes very cool
Wagner - pretty cool some of the time. hilarious the rest.
Verdi - seems cool
Mussorgsky -very cool
Tchiakovsky -very cool (hey now, dont you be insulting mr T)
Debussy - very cool
Rachmaninoff - ehh... kinda cool.
Sibelius - very cool
Stravinsky - very cool
Janacek- very co0l
Schönberg - rarely cool, mostly sucks
Ravel - very cool
Berg - very cool
Webern - sucks
Shostakovich - cool
Prokofiev - very cool
Poulenc - sometimes cool, kinda sucks
Havergal Brian - ???
Messiaen - mostly cool, sometimes sucks
Boulez - sucks (except for that one cello piece)

I could go on into other living composers, but i shan't, t'would not be good behavior, (yeah, like saying Webern sucks is)



Bryant Manning said...

rachmaninoff is only "kinda" cool? what gives?

M. Keiser said...

poor sergei,he had brilliant moments, but sometimes his music falls into painful banality. Not often, but sometimes. Some of his music, though quite right on, is over-produced (as in, he fills 14 minutes with material which should fill 8 minutes) thus, there are many passages of too-much stuff that gets in the way of what he's doing.

Bryant manning said...

his piano music is sublime. i'll take the op. 10 preludes and give you 5 beethoven sonatas and 5 chopin mazurkas.

BryantManning said...

i'm retarded. op. 23 I meant. and i'm now not so sure i'd make the trade.

M. Keiser said...

i certainly wouldnt make the trade. as far as im concerned, Beethoven sonatas are un-tradable and priceless masterpieces.

I havent heard the opus 23 in a long while, but the opus 32 contain some beautiful moments.