Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is there a complaint department?

"you are finally convinced
that you inhabit the same banal world
as everyone,
everyone has found it too." **

I hate every time I hear someone playing painfully saccharine music downstairs on the grand. Music of seemingly endless and empty fifths piled on top of each other in enharmonic but perfectly consonant chord progressions. It sounds similar to a lot videogame music (or some contemporary church music)-

musical platitudes! hackneyed chords!
Do you know what im talking about- or am i just babbling on about nonsense?

...After waiting patiently for a pianist to stop the torture, i feel an urgent need to simply run up to the piano and pound out some minor seconds, but i must restrain myself.

- - - - -

round 2 of the Midterms (yes, two midterms) are over, and im slouching towards turkey day- but t0 be honest, im not particularly fond of turkeys, or of thanksgiving. I believe its my least favorite holiday.

I have received the honors of mention from Bart Collins at The Well Tempered Blog. im quite surprised and flattered. He's always run a great site, one of the earliest music blogs i read (which is to say i didnt start reading till April or so of this year)


**from A Labor more Restful by the Dirty projectors

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