Friday, November 11, 2005

Just keep the gears moving.

Its been a rather rough few days for me, and i honestly don’t know what to say or do when confronted by the things I’ve recently been confronted with. Its limbo, but I’ve got to keep moving, keep myself distracted so not to let emotion catch up with me.

But on another note, I’ve recently connected to a site ( that archives all the music you've listened to recently. Its pretty interesting, and it will show you your musical "neighbors"- those who share musical tastes in common with you.

This is my page on the site, and its interesting- I don’t even remember listening to the all of the music that’s played. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, (if you have an old computer for example) as you have to download the program and it will drain some of your system resources while your playing music on your computer, and could slow down your internet if your connection isn’t terribly fast. But it works for me, and my lovely laptop is good and new. I’m no computer genius, so this is just my modest understanding of the situation.

However, you can now peek in on whatever it is I’m listening to at the moment (which I think is pretty cool, and I’m often surprised by what I see on there!), ... it will show what I’ve heard recently, and what I’m just playing over and over again. (in my defense, the music I’ve listened to a multitude of times is the music i find important to, well, my own musical development) AH enough of this pretentious-speak...

back to writing about Kant- who i love, but hate to write about.

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rgable said...

Spelm in Alium! The Books! John Adams! Ligeti Etudes! Dirty Projectors? Never heard of them.

Robert Gable