Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blo-blo-blo-blo-gs have a have a kind of mystery.

"What in the hell inspired M. Keiser to write that last post?" You may have asked, or probably not, but the answer is simple, my friends- i read other people's blogs (god i hate the word, i cringe while typing it) and then feel the desperate need to say something about something else entirely.

Here is a new link- and it looks to be a wonderful addition to the music bl-- community, Tim Risher's Reflection Field
Its a new blog (like mine?), and he has some nice things to say about some new music (my last post was in part due to his mentioning Music in 12 parts. )

and another site- Because Someone Had To (changed names recently) - which is apparently written by a Julliard student who's my age. (woot college!)** and he wrote a very amusing bit about bassoons. "your bassoon that sounds like glorified flatulence". I always liked the sound of bassoons, but i see his point. I've been speaking alot about creating new sounds, maybe theres a new musical instrument to be explored there

ok, enough of my lameness. I shall retire to bed. Its been an awful week, fucked-up-miserable. But hey, lifes not always a tea party.

**i feel it necessary to embarrass myself with each post i make. This is todays addition.

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