Sunday, February 18, 2007

Music From home.

A recent post on ANABlog reminded me of the existence of KEXP, and furthermore the existence of Sonarchy Radio, which is, like the rest of KEXP, an eclectic mishmash of various groups and styles, sonarchy in particular has the focus towards the unusual and experimental.

My mother, when not listening to NPR in the car, usually listens to KEXP, one of the few quality stations in seattle, with a typical program of quirky, fun and interesting music. Besides being the companion piece to NPR, it offers respite to the Haydn and Boccerini induced boredom of KING, our Classical (with a capital C) music station, during their frequent passages into the dull but completely listenable.

Anyway, the most exciting part of this for me is that i can actually listen to this music on French internet, which is rather picky and often not working (draw parallels here). So im in internet radio pig heaven.

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bryant said...

haydn ain't dull, brother