Monday, February 12, 2007

Ingram marshall - savage altars

and much love for non-pop. While i've been lamenting my loss of iridian and post classic radio (due to french internet, which is apparently incapable of playing or touching anything live365) I've been blind to other, non-internet-radio sources for the streaming of contemporary music. Why didnt i click on that non-pop link i so frequently saw on the new music reblog? I've been missing out. Ah well, now theres a lovely library for my ears to consume, even if the music isnt always my favorite.

For some reason, it took me a while to figure out this is the same guy who wrote that fog tropes track im already familiar with. The piece i heard here, on a podcast dated november 26th, 2006 is some sumptious, sprawling neo-y-romantic-y work that has some post-minimal mannerisms.

the terry riley work also on this broadcast is his The Harp of New Albion, III: Riding the Westerleys , employing gorgeous just intonation... and like the glass performance recently posted, its also a work from the year i was born.

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