Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aug 2006 improv, l'isle joyeuse(?)

Alright, not much news, im currently on vacation and am going to start traveling again in march. For the moment i will post this seriously piss-poor recording of a (thankfully) short excerpt from my own, uh, take on Debussy's classic piece l'isle joyeuse. (the french title sounds a lot more impressive than the happy island)

yesterday i listened to my handful of shitty-recorded improvisations that i've made over last summer and kept on this computer. Most of it is crap, but this one i think is mildly less crappy than the rest. Playing debussy beforehand helped, though i dont think theres a real resemblance between this music and debussy, maybe they're vaguely similar. It appears i have the remarkable ability of sustaining fff for excessive periods of time, which results in audio-overload for the recording device and lots of noise, but, uh... thats the fun of it.

Anyway, Here's the stuff im talking about.

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