Monday, January 29, 2007

Terry Riley - You're no good

That Terry Riley (re?)Mix, You're nogood, reposted (and hosted) by Mr. Gable at aworks has been stuck in my head for days, floating in and out. I listened to it once (well, maybe twice) and its stuck- but theres no wonder in that, but this post has opened a link to two newish blogs which hold my interest (the two that posted this before Mr. gable and long before me) The colorfully named Dinosaur Gardens and music for maniacs. Both will probably be frequenly visited by yours truely.

I was taken back at first by the music's radicalism, particularly the excruciating opening which reminded me of no other riley i knew, followed by what might be possibly classified as pop-art music.All of the blogs above do a better job at describing the piece than i, and you'll have to go to Aworks to hear it.

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