Saturday, January 20, 2007

Frank Zappa- I promise not to come in your

So internet has arrives in the dorms. Unfortunately its crappy internet (ah, la belle france), so when i went about trying to post these few words ( below), i accidentally only ended up getting the first part of the title. (frank) and then i couldn’t go back and edit the post because the internet is rather... uh, special (though, to be honest, i kinda like a post that just says "frank", very reductive, you know, reminds me of a video i saw on you tube with john cage... but im rambling (and using too many (parentheses))). So ive been unsuccessful with blogger since, im back in my ordinary location,across the parking lot outside in the cold mooching wifi in a closed uni building next door

The first 10 seconds or so are a zappa cover of the first part of Philip Glass’ Music in 12 parts (transposed to some different key).Gorgeous guitar work runs throughout the piece, but those beginning 10 seconds are still my favorite. what can i say, im a minimalist fan before a zappa fan.

So far the only other zappa piece I’ve really latched on to his El condor Pasa. im not sure where el condor it comes from, but its certainly beautiful, and doesn’t follow the same kampy in-your face-satire that most of the zappa im familiar with does.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the "Hot Rats" album. Also download illegally "Eat that Question", but most of all "Blessed Relief", both of which are from the 'Grand Wazoo' album. Zappa without all the lame "shocking!" lyrics.