Sunday, January 07, 2007



Here he is at the louvre.

Returned from my Paris museum tour. I saw all the museums I hadn’t seen in a while. The Louvre, of course, the Pompidou, the D’Orsay and the Rodin museum, I also got to see the interior of Soufflot’s masterpiece, St. Genieve, or as its now known, the Pantheon who’s crypt holds the bones of Voltaire, Rousseau, and a whole bunch of over guys who probably wouldn’t like people staring at their coffin. Soufflot was there too. I saw the church of st. Sulpice and some other random neo-gothic one while walking around. I walked around the marais and latin quarter. In my last hour of paris, before my train, I saw the near-by Montparnasse cemetery. I couldn’t find anyone I had heard of… I tried to find Satre’s and Baudelaire’s but in my rush I didn’t find them. Saint- Saens , D’indy, Chausson and Franck are all there too.

The only one I really like is Franck anyway. But no big deal. Now I know where they’re buried.

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