Sunday, July 30, 2006

Redding, California

My cousin is camping this weekend at henry cowell state park. I find this of interest.

As we drove through Barstow and i couldnt help but think of Partch, though i know none of his music. Im back on the towards greener scenery and not-so-hot places. Last week driving down it was 117 (!!!!!) in Napa California as we went down. We stayed at my cousin's in San Jose- 108 degrees and they didnt have air conditioning- i slept in a 95+ house.

It was interesting.

Baker, California took the cake though, 119 and it felt like it was burning your eyes in the shade. Las vegas was less impressive at a measly 113. Napa was hotter. NAPA.

anyway thats all old news. Its now more normal these days, exept it smells like burning trees outside and theres a grey smoke haze in the night sky. Ah well, we're leaving tomorrow at 6 AM.

Good bye, palm trees.

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Daniel Wolf said...

There were two Henry Cowells in California and they're sometimes confused. The one for whom the State Park and a College at UCSC were named was a major landholder and limestone quarryman in the Santa Cruz region. He was unrelated to the younger composer from Menlo Park.