Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot weather?

Here?!? well, we get it every year. usually three or four days of 90 degree weather. Well, we already had 2 in june, and theres two more headed our way. It was weird stepping out of the movie theatre tonight. it being 10:30 and more than 70 degrees. This is seattle we're talking about.

Well, anyway, im headed south as of tomorrow, Portland is my first stop, Predicted to be in the 100s(!!!) this weekend. 100+ degrees in the rose city?!? holy shit.

then to redding california (111 degrees) and then to Palo Alto ( 85/84 few- a cooloff!) and then to Las fucking Vegas (106+?) ...and i'll be there for a week.

Im hoping to enjoy all this.

anyway, the message is- i'll be back later.

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