Thursday, July 06, 2006

isnt this sad?

But at least i dont invest actual meaning in this.

I lost *one* incoming link and look what happens.

Im still torn as to what to do with myself. I am usually forcing myself to update this page and thats no good, leaving me more eager to publish another blurb than create something well-crafted. As Plaible recently noted, many blogs have slowed down or have quieted down recently (maybe its a summer thing?). but instead f going on open hiatus, I've done the worse thing by continuing to post when i feel i have little to say (and often my motivation is to push the ugly writing i scribbled out at 2 AM the night before to the bottom of the page)

"but theres always something to say about music" i say to myself. Yes, but theres not always something interesting to say about music.


bryant said...

i'm with ya, keiser. i feel like i have little to nothing to say these days, so i'm compensating in the meantime with some photos. i just read moby dick and feel inadequate and crushed by melville's superiority.

Daniel Wolf said...

Sometimes I worry that no one is reading my site, and inevitably someone comes along and lets me know otherwise. Sometimes with encouragement, sometimes without. Either reaction, as a sign of life, is a great encouragement.

How about some advice from Blake: "The fool who persists in his folly becomes wise." (Note that Blake doesn't say that the folly itself changes (for better or worse), but the fool himself. That's reason enough to keep at it.)

Your engagement with music is intelligent and passionate, reason enough for me to keep stopping by. Keep it up!