Monday, March 13, 2006

What have i been doing recently? frantically and yet lazily trying to finish up the quarter. I took this picture of my desk on tuesday night (well... couldnt have been wednesday) while i was getting it ready for thursday (when it was due). I dont post this because im particularly proud of anything, but self-documentation can be fun.

So i've been busy, and after wednesday will be the beginings of fun time.

I should explain the drawing- you take an original drawing by piraneci(sp?) and the mddle section is cut out (piece of paper on the right) . Then you have to fill it in with whatever you want. Then you have to take your completed plan and draw the whole thing straight onto a board. It takes more time to do it well than you might imagine.

I have not gotten very far on my spam songs. Im pretty much done with the third song, but there are 4 more to be written. Maybe break will give me time to finish it up.

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