Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Every now and again i get this urge to set up a mock-conservative website because i read these comments by conservative pundits, and they are so extreme and so ridiculous, so over-the-top insane that i feel like i too should promote conservative insanity, in my own way, of course. To think, we're at a point were anne coulter is a celebrity, david horowiz and rush limbaugh have an audience. I suppose the more bombasic the better, the more press and more money, and what is talk good for if it doesnt bring more money? I was trying to think of a title, but "put liberals in jail for anti-american terrorist slander!" was all i could come up with. The website would be about how the 1st amendment should be overruled because it was written "in a time when they didnt have websites and computers or terrorists and emails, so they couldnt have possibly known what the current world was like" sounds like a solid argument to me.

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