Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jerk friends canceled spring break plans on me, now im a bum with no where to go. My entire family is traveling somewhere right now except me... but i should be. There is no one around, even the dog's off somewhere, no joke. Debussy is my only consolation in this empty house. Why of all musics does debussy always make me happier?

Today i rented from our little library Machaut's Notre Dame Mass, which is an absolutely amazing work. I had heard parts of it, but not in full, until now. A masterpiece, really. I also checked out Ades' life story and other songs, i had rented it before, back in highschool, and i wasnt particularly impressed, a lot of interesting sounds but not much interest, that is my memory of it, who knows, perception could have, and very likely has, changed.

And the third CD is Walter Piston, some symphony. We'll see.

But right now, Debussy time. Tomorrow im going to see if i cant find a way to get somewhere warmer.

20 some seconds of me playing something. Figaro?

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PWS said...

Oh come come. Is it the Ades one with the Fayrfax Carol? That's a Christmas Klassic!