Friday, February 10, 2006

My Rant mentioning Kant.

I've had to put this on hold while i work on academics (shock!) Im gonna be busy for a little while. But in the mean time i can make a few remarks. Architecture stuff eats up my time like locusts on a lettuce farm.

Im taking a class thats supposed to be about "method imagination, inquiry" its not a bad class.. but its a lot of philosophy history stuff which i wasnt expecting (i dont think anyone who signed up for the class was). I have a liking for philosophy and i know a few things, and one of the things i know is that i cant stand Plato...but Aristotle is ok for a little while.

But what is it now... the 7th week (almost) of the quarter. We started Plato on the 1st week, basically didnt get done with his bullshit until the 3rd week, and still, every fucking lecture the professor makes some reference to Plato. "this is plato's theory applied here" "this is, essentially no different conception than Plato's" we went through Bruno, Bacon, Hume, Descartes, Shakespeare, now onto Kant. (lecture is everyday)... and here we are still talking about Plato on freakin KANT. Kant is not remotely Platonic, and he is not influenced by Plato nearly as much as my pr0fessor makes him out to be, Hume is not as influenced by Plato as he thinks he is... just drop the plato... and in the words of Hume "condemn it to the flames". Im sick of it. sick.


Ok, music. music. Just be glad we dont get stuck in the works of Beethoven and Bach so much that we cant move forward** (not to suggest one can progress beyond beethoven or bach, just move onto something entirely new). Im honestly frustraited with the classical world, though, for failing to realize the possibilities of new sounds and new music that first emerged with jazz in the 20s.

What bugs me about the serialists and the entire "classical establishment" in the 40's 50's and 60's is instead of responding to the instrumental changes of the times (guitars, drums, amplifications, ensembles of this) they just ignored the instruments and the sounds that they could produce and dismissed the new avenues that these instrumentations would open up as being below their work, being below classical music, but only being for "popular music". How absurd. What new forms could have been constructed if we had collectively given a positive response to changes that happened outside the "classical" world?

I figure its time to make amends with our friends the drummers, guitarists and lead singers. Better late than never. Music is music is music, after all.

**(theres a mildly sarcastic tone in this)

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