Friday, February 17, 2006

I like adjectives.

damn i've been busy.

The highlight of the week was tonight - i saw the vagina monologues here on campus. One of my favorite people were in it so i was (in part) supporting her, but i was also sincerely curious. I enjoyed it a lot. Humorous, aggressive, defiant, poignant, genuinely insightful and sometimes hilarious, its a great work and something i can see music applying to.

Not only did i think of PWS' interest in writing a piece about menstruation, i thought of writing something pertaining to the subject as well. Of course i thought of Menopause! the musical, but thats a different thing all together.

It also occurred to me in my one-track mine, while re-reading the previous post, that (besides my obvious deficiencies as a writer and lack of the occasional preposition) ...that minimalism is a lot like tantric sex- it deprives the listener of the pleasant chord progressions for as long as possible, thus making the tiny alteration all the greater and all the more org-- pleasing. Philip Glass, in his wisdom, stretches his music to practically-absurd lengths of time so A) we take his whole spiel a more seriously, and B) that we find tiny eargasmic joy in every little subtle change and alteration. Im writing with music in 12 parts in mind, particularly the 7th and 8th movements, which are the juicy ones.

What else? i feel like a scratched record (irony?). Minimal this minimal that. I listen to a lot more, its just one thing im comfortable commenting on since in the last two years i've really listened to more than enough Terry Riley/Glass/Reich/ and post-minimal Adams

Adams! I've been listening with great appreciation to El Nino these last few days. I remember the year it came out... i believe it was an El Nino winter. Beautiful and fascinating stuff, i cant get the babe leapt in her womb out of my head. That haunting xylophone and frankly Reichian vocal writing. But despite its gorgeous harmonies this music is still intellectually warm. There are many more words to say about this that i just dont have the time for, but in short - this is good stuff.

Though i must admit, i hate the phrase "fruit of the womb".

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