Sunday, February 26, 2006


Currently listening to Micheal Gordon's Decasia (unfortunately i dont have the video, though i've heard the images are beautiful) and i've gotta say, im kinda surprised how minimalistic it is. For whatever reason, probably from the descriptions i'd heard already, i had an expectation for something else.

But im not disappointed, this is beautiful stuff, often severe, but beautiful all the same. Someone else has commented on how Gordon's deliberately mis-tuned violins work well here and its absolutely true, in his hands they create a haunting halo of sound, full of echoes and emotion. Strong discords frame many of the hamonies, but im so damned jaded to discord i would forget about it if i wasn’t thinking about other listeners. The sound is rich and as fresh as it is expressive, this music opens up some very interesting sonic possibilities.

Everyone has favorite parts of a piece. I prefer the end middle-end of part 6 and part 5 which gets more bittersweet towards the end. All of the six parts flow into each other, a continuous stream. There is not as much contrast as one could hope for, and its not as radical a departure as i may have hoped. The music is generally dark in tone and even brooding. It could be criticized for histrionics, but i wouldn’t- i doubt that some sort of hyper-morbid drama was the main focus or aim here. All in all im very happy to be able to listen to this music. There is a visceral elegance about it all... fascinating stuff.

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