Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I've discovered that while the piano midi on Sibelius sounds like crap, the marimba midi is great. Conclusion: Everything sounds better in Marimba.

Been admiring the musics of The Decembrists recently. Never has a song about two gay male prostitutes (on the bus mall) sounded so beautiful. Their folksy melodies can span a wealth of emotions and moods, from melancholy to jittery and energic. Anyway, i'm impressed.

school has picked up again. Now i have some thesis to write and graduation to apply to. ? Still working piecemeal on my piece for my friend For December 18th I've decided to make it one in a series. The problem is, who's birthdays mean the most for a piece of music? I've nailed down family as immediately important, but how far does that extend? Better yet, How many people care?

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