Saturday, February 02, 2008

In Imitation

  • What’s your purpose?
    • To eat. To eat well, to share the passion of eating well with others.
  • What’s your passion?
    • Butter chicken, panang curry. Good and interesting sounds.
  • What are your peak experiences?
    • pretending to be arab and getting away with it....My sister says i look like Ali Baba with a turban.
  • What are the top qualities you look for in a good friend?
    • Someone with their feet on the fucking ground. Is that so hard to find? someone authentic, someone with the ability to accept unusual and new things/experiences. I also very much like rude people who are funny about it.
  • Who are your heroes and heroines from mythology and legend, and from history and religion?
    • Helen Thomas, Kurt Vonnegut and the Cookie Monster.
  • What are your unique talents and how do you like to express them?
    • Unique? um. being able to philosophize about weightlifting by attacking moronic platonic/Cartesian dualism. I love weightlifting.
    • I speak french. I express it by speaking french, usually in the context of criticizing france.
  • What are the best qualities you express in your relationships? (Those are the qualities that allow soul to manifest in the world and in the work place.)
    • Strange Noises. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- is a personal favorite, also known to use BWAAAAAAAAAH and WAAAAAAAh (usually in the context of pouncing on somthing) as well as Bleeeeah and mmmmnaaaaaayh

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