Monday, March 12, 2007

WebernUhrWerk- pure computer music!

so today i downloaded this program WebernUhrWerk for shits and giggles on this here laptop. I enjoy it so far. Its a very simple program, straightforward and limited in what it does(draw paralells here), nonetheless it produces true, authentic computer music derived from webern's last tone row, ad infinatum. I could listen to serialism constantly for days without ever hearing an exact repetition (i know this prospect must really excite all of you) It'd be nice if could enter in my own tone row and see the effects, but still, i gotta admit, its kinda cool, how many times have computers actually created something... uh, artisticky? . Though my feelings on seralism are, uhm, mixed, i really do enjoy webern from time to time.

thanks to karlheinz Essl for the invention, who actually has an enormous opus of his own compositions available for download on his site, pretty cool stuff, and i think i'll be exploring it for the next few days.

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