Friday, March 30, 2007

More youtube

This time, three videos of Glenn Branca.

Here's my her0 in action in a loft in NYC from 1978. Things you can do with an electric guitar that you can't do with a piano, unfortunately. Its almost as much performance art as music.

the second is an algorithmic edit (don't ask me what this means) of the first video, and is pretty sweet for the audio alone ( though the video utilizes a cool effect). The music is completely transformed into something unrecognizably different, vaguely reminiscent of reichian tape looping or of a scratched heavy metal CD. Those haunting echoes at the end are the most interesting. I dont hear the source in the original. however, i have to admit that the video is a little too glitchy for my eyes to sustain ...

... and this last one is the most dramatic though much less dynamic, certainly the most visually striking. This beautiful 19th century
beaux-arts concert hall filled with music so viceral, so severe and acidic that you almost expect the traditional-looking audience to react in outrage. I think this is one of my favorite videos on youtube.... almost surreal to hear that music in what appears to be a bastion of the old world.

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