Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The internet here is like the rest of france. I have to go great lengths out of my way to get it, have a laptop, and special plug, and then it still works half the time. In fact, at the moment, the internet doesn’t work at all, my ID for the WIFI no longer works, for reasons known to absolutely no one, and the people in charge of the WIFI are also stumpted and are completely unable to do anything about it. “sorry, nothing we can do” sure, im sure of that. Their own system has some bizarre error and theres nothing they can do about it. That shit pisses me off. Stuff breaks and nobody tries to fix it or nobody want to take the responsibility to work.
I remind them that I just bought a laptop so I could write emails to my family and communicate with family and friends on skype, only then they make an effort, otherwise they want to just get rid of me. “We’ll try to do something” so im going tomorrow to try, probably fruitlessly again, tomorrow to get these people to help me and let me use the WIFI again. I am grouchy because I expect 1st world functionality and am getting 3rd world service.

In fact, this country reminds me of a developing country, because nothing works, ever. Ever since I got back from spain nothing has worked, not the heat in the dorm, not the internet, not the postal service, not the kitchen on my floor (its been closed and locked) and my big toe may be infected.

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