Monday, November 20, 2006

For the last two weeks ive found a nitch here by playing for the warm up of a university modern/contemporary dance class. Its in a practice room in the theatre with the only real piano on campus that ive found, or that anyone knows of. The prof has been very nice, and they didnt find out until last week that i was american, just of a lot of silence and nodding and "d'accord"s and they couldnt hear my accent, but now ive said a few things and im sure its pretty clear. At least i dont have an "american" accent, just some weird borat-like one. I could be from anywhere...

The dance prof gives me wonderful instructions- all in french, so i have to pay attention. She seems to like some quasi-minimalist youngian long tones sustained by subtle tremolos, particularly in sustained open fifths with a minor sevenths several octaves above. its edgy enough and modern enough but not too out there, Im wondering if i should add more minimalist touches. Probably not, but the dancers have been very nice to me.

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