Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its steve reich's birthday

My father's is coming up soon too.

Well, i suppose today is a better day than just any other to express my love of steve reich's music. (if that made any sense at all) No muscian has gone from such extremes of austerity to lushness, from simplicity to complexity that i can think off, and he did it all brilliantly and flawlessly. I wouldnt hesitate to call him the greatest around these days, i cant wait to hear the pearl variations, i thought that You are var. were beautiful and well done. No other musician has opened my ears as many times as he has with eath succeeding piece. From Its gonna Rain to piano phase, to Drumming, to 6 pianos to 18 musicians, to music for large ensemble, to the cave and to Different Trains, each one of these and then some have been for me an aural revolution and i couldnt thank him enough for it. His music opened up a totally different world that wouldnt have existed without him. I greatly, greatly appreciate the work of this man.

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