Monday, August 14, 2006

My flight from Phoneix to London has been canceled (as of this morning?) (i was supposed to leave today), thanks to the fuck-tard managment at British air (well, and other things). There are people on the other side waiting for me in marseille, but what do they care, im just another number. Im convinced they are unreasonable and im not just an angry young american, there are brits too who are pissed.

It currently looks like im going to go to dallas for a 12 hour layover. then to paris, then the tgv to marseille, fuck british air and london, im not going there at all. Where im going to sleep and eat in this plan is unknown to me.

i want those 24 (or however number of people who planned that shit) dead. I want them to suffer, i want their heads on a spike, because in reality, those bastards who profanities cant even come close to describe are the real fuck-ups in humanity- the ones responsible for this. irrationally angry? well, sure.

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