Saturday, August 05, 2006

8 DAYS (practically)

luntil i leave this continent. I will be boarding a plane on the morning of the 14th and head to... phoenix. BUT! after phoenix i will fly to LONDON! in ENGLAND... and then board another plane and fly to... marseille, france.

I will be spending the next 11 months in the french nation of france and i will be studying France's french language. It should be interesting.

We have figured out that its currently cheaper for me to go study at a university in france than it is to study at a public university as an in-state student here. That is ridiculous, but it is a fact. 800 bucks gets me a semister of dorm and classes... plus they're brand new dorms built with single occupancy rooms.

and france has better food.

So i expect i will enjoy my trip. If i dont, i'll deal with it and enjoy the fact that im not sharing nation-space with the republican party.

au revoir


Michael said...

Great news, M.! This will change your life. Hope you'll continue to blog from there. You might have to change the name. Something about Scène dans une banlieue?

(Don't forget to take a side trip to Budapest.)

PWS said...

Wow good luck buddy.

I'm taking French this year too. Or as I call it, "Freedom-ese" because those cheese eaters didn't support our wonderful Iraq adventure!