Saturday, April 29, 2006

i met alex ross.

the lecture was great. I got to see an interesting arts space i didnt know existed until recently. Great spot, great stuff. I really did like the Golijov he played, fantastic.

I also had never actually heard Salome or Shoenbergs 5 pieces for orchestra... so i was pretty happy (since i wasnt really expecting to hear much that i wasnt familiar with*)

Tonight i have been invited to improvise some music for a friend of mine's film. It should be interesting. We'll see how it goes. If i get my way i'll be doing this "scary music" in a mode that im currently working in... but Katrina may not approve. I dont want to pound out cliche dimished chords and minor and all that. I think a wealth of low trembling 5ths piled on eachother should do the trick without sounding too trite.


* not to sound pompous, but i am familiar with most of the really important 20th century pieces.

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