Monday, April 10, 2006

The Doors - Strange days (1967)

A hallucinatory piece accompanied by shotty, likely drug-induced lyrics- overwhelming the the listener in an echoing haze of minor-modal figurations. Haunting, elegant but ultimately coarse and visceral, a startling expression of a 1-dimensional existentialism. Its hard to imagine, compared to whats the most popular musics these days, that this was ever mainstream. Has mainstream music regressed in spirit or just moved away from drug-infused experimentation? Theres still great stuff being produced these days, dont get me wrong, and experimentation is still going on, of course, but if its not art-rock and not contemporary music, its all pretty lame and tame. Blogger Bart Collins posted about the "revenge of the dorks" in new main-stream music, and while i have a love-hate relationship with predictions and the generalizations of "trends", i think it agrees with the perceptions i've gotten from the current popular-music situation.

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