Saturday, October 22, 2005

Break on through the other side.

I do not hate popular music- Far from it, and i dont deny popular musical value just because its popular music. The problem is- theres a lot of shit to sift through in order to find the gems, or even the occasional important pebble. I believe all musics can have value.

Over the course of the evening, from room to room and car to apartment i've listen to Classic Rock, to Mozart, to hard Rap, and back to 70s rock. From each bit i've heard something valuable.


....Blah blah blah, i cant write, blah blah blah....

Nirvana. Listen to those lyrical, almost bartokian tritones. Its music, its not as "sophisticated", and by that term i mean, its actual musical language- the harmonies, rhythms, melodic content, is not complex, but its rough and expressive. Again, i wouldnt necessarily place it above those Bartok String Quartets, but i wouldnt dismiss it so quickly either!

Most important to this post is the idea that we can glean from Rock music, and i see no reason why not to. Its a field 0f musics and languages which we can explore in our own terms. Why treat is different, than, say, Folk Music? Bartok explored all that business in the early 20th century, whats to say that we dont have a new folk music today? Its possible to create an art that is a reflection of the times, but also something beyond mere style, expressing something more universal. Its possible.

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