Monday, May 05, 2008

Alright, you guys, my 2-3 readers, you may be aware that im, uhhh... taking a little sabbatical right now. So i give you this musical youtube beauty to relax with- and this little pseudoguru moment:

i often get the feeling that the majority of people's problems come from a lack of perspective. When im angry i like to look at Hubble photographs and reflect for a few seconds about the amazingness of it.... I should just post hubble pictures one of these days

(Oh yeah, and thats my sister in the photograph)

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Troy said...

Lived in France? Sounds like a great time to me - but yeah, how about those bells!? Too bad we didn't bring enough of those over with the Euro ex-pats that founded this country.

Love the Hindustani music. Looking forward to some expansive photos from the hubble.