Monday, July 09, 2007

old improvs

This is a collection of old(er) improvisations, dating from the dustbin of history (2006) recordings that i felt were somewhat sub-par, so i havent published them until now, But i figure i've thrown worse things onto this blog than what im about to present. (they're not that bad, right?) Anyway, here they are:

Febimprov- On the electric piano, just some random stuff.
June3- This formless blob of somewhat contrasting sounds includes the addition of distortion fuzz from overloading the mic.
Feb2- This is my favorite of the three, and the least poor, i imagine. It changes character at the end.

So thats that for now. Still in Emrbun, taking the night train to paris tonight, and Im leaving for the States wednesday, I dont know when i'll be back to europe.

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