Sunday, June 03, 2007

So since there are no pianos in france ive been releasing all my anxiety by drumming on things. various things, water bottles, tables, chairs kitchen utensils, it bothers some friends and it... well, no, i think it just bothers them. Anyway, when i was in maroc i had the opportunity to buy a lovely handmade drum for a little less than 20 dollars. I figured for an authentic, nice drum i cant get a better price elsewhere and i just when ahead and bought it.

anyway, for archival purposes im posting this humble (really humble) little recording of my near incompetence playing a drum. Hell, i dont even know what proper drum playing sounds like or what the is name for mine in particular. Vive l'ignorance!. Maybe i'll figure these things out someday.

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PWS said...

Merci beaucoup! En effet, j'ai fait la chanson (avec un peu aider, bien-sûr).
J'espére que vous aimeriez vos voyages!