Sunday, May 27, 2007

In marrakech

this world class city is filled with gardens and beautiful things. Im currently in one of the ubiquitous cyber cafes checking email and registering for university housing for next year... and oddly, Philip Glass' heros symphony was just playing on the radio, accompanied by some french dialogue. French is everywhere here, which makes it very easy for me, but then again, they all then assume im french, which kinda bugs me. Do i LOOK french? apparently. Then again, a salesman in the atlas mountains asked if i was berber.


well, sort of. he guessed practically every other european nationality beforehand "french?" no, "spanish?" no, "Italian?" no, "Belgan?"no, "Swiss?" no, "German?" no "Portugese?"no... Why not Isreal though? I guess i didnt look jewish enough, ha. But what does it matter if i cant pass for arab. im still semitic, damnit! hahaha.

Again more arab music,

im enjoying it.

beautiful, beautiful country

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Marrakech property said...

You can find a lot of interesting things in Marrakech. Featuring many palaces, mosques, markets (souks) and museums, it attracts tourists. A good summary of Marrakech can be appreciated in the main square, called Djemmaa-el-Fna, which in the afternoons is full of dancers, musicians, snake charmers and fortune-tellers. Main interesting sights are the immense Koutoubia mosque, built in the 12th century, and with a high minaret which was the inspiration for the famous Giralda of Seville, the Saadian Tombs, the Dar Si Saïd Museum, the great Menara and Aquedal gardens and the camel market.