Sunday, May 14, 2006

So i have just rented Koyaanisqatsi from my university library and have decided to post a few words. I have heard the music many times but have never seen the film. There is a real sense of drama in the music even without the video, but i am expecting that with it will be even more potent. The music is epic in a way, and, as far as im concerned, it is the ultimate in post-modernernity- that searing severe repetition, strict tonality and hypnotic persistence, a reflection of the contemporary urban world.

I have also read a great deal about the film, so hopefully my expectations will be met.

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Robert Gable said...

Interestingly, I'm coming at it from the opposite direction. I have the video and I've seen it in theatres a couple of times. And so I've spent the last 2 years only listening without viewing, so I can see if the music stands on its own, without the images.