Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ahhh... College

Its that time of year again, and i will be very busy with all this college business for a little while, until i get situated (then, i expect, with this being a challenging quarter, that i wont have as much free time) But i will try to keep things active and moving. Apologies in advance.

But the good of this is that i will once again have a wealth of concerts to attend. I do compose here and there, and hopefully, if all works out, i could even get one of my longer works performed- an exciting prospect.


Bryant Manning said...

Hi Mr. Keiser, it's Bryant Manning of Mysteries Abysmal. Like your blog. What are you studying at school?

M. Keiser said...

Im studying at a state university. But if i tell you where, i'd ruin my, uh... mystique. Anyway, im planning on studying architecture, and maybe minoring in french. So thats that. Im glad you like my blog. thanks!